Launch of World Small Hydropower Development Report

Small hydropower (SHP) is an excellent renewable energy solution to meet the needs of productive uses and to electrify rural areas. It is a mature technology, which can easily be designed, operated and maintained locally. It has the lowest electricity generation prices of all off-grid technologies, and the flexibility to be adapted to various geographical and infrastructural circumstances.

Despite these benefits, the potential of small hydropower particularly in developing countries remains largely untapped.

It is therefore paramount for UNIDO to foster uptake of small hydropower through awareness building, information dissemination, and experience sharing on the use of renewable energy, such as small hydropower, particularly in industries and in small enterprises. This will boost productivity, industrialization and regional economic development.

World Small Hydropower Development Report, (WCHPDR) with the objective of increasing contribution from SHP in countries total energy mix, through strengthening policy on energy planning and guiding investors in this sector.

Towards this objective, UNIDO’s Department of Energy (ENE) collaborated with the International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) to develop a small hydropower knowledge platform ( and produce the World Small Hydropower Development Report. The first report has been already published in 2013 and recently the 2nd report in 2016. It serves as a crucial guide for policymakers and investors.

UNIDO with the support of ICSHP and the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) China will continue the mission to inform the world on the status and potential of small hydropower development, and encourage stakeholders in the sector to share and disseminate this knowledge.

This event relates to objectives of High-Level Panel I, IV, VI, especially High-Level Panel I.


May 12 2017


1:45 pm - 2:15 pm


Hofburg (Rittersaal)