Humanising Energy in regional energy transitions

As countries are taking steps to move towards climate neutral economies, industries, jobs and communities at the sub-national and regional level are impacted in various ways. The challenge is to forge effective cooperation across segments of society to consider these impacts and ensure a fair energy transition that does not create ‘winners and losers’ in the process. ‘Humanising energy’ in the context of regional energy transitions is therefore important, as the pace of change ultimately depends on societal trust, workforce capabilities and taking account of local circumstances.
The webinar will facilitate a conversation about how to fairly manage the impacts on regions and societies of faster paced energy transitions. A panel of expert speakers and energy practitioners will discuss challenges in this context and will look at examples of how such challenges could be overcome, including for carbon-intensive regions. They will also discuss how stakeholders can work together in the process to effectively join the dots between ‘races to zero’ and social justices agendas.



Jul 06 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
World Energy Council


World Energy Council