HLP VIII: Innovation for Appropriate and Sustainable Solutions

The session will highlight the need for greater flexibility and resilience of local energy systems, as well as
the role of effective partnerships and locally appropriate, low-cost solutions, which are able to do more
and better with less.

Panellists will discuss what is needed to make energy systems more resilient and adaptive to change,
while ensuring that the transition towards clean energy remains affordable, particularly for low-income
populations. The current refugee crisis will be discussed as a case in point of how urgently innovative
energy solutions are required to ensure energy access and reliable energy supply for displaced persons,
and how capacity-building efforts can create new prospects for the future.

Participants will look at the role of frugal, flexible and inclusive innovations in closing the clean energy
gap in developing countries; And how can frugal, flexible and inclusive innovations help address issues
of inequality and gender equality. They will also examine the potential technologies, business models,
financing mechanisms, and enabling policies for enabling a transition towards sustainable energy in
developing and emerging countries at affordable costs; and ways to support innovative and effective
partnerships to prevent and respond to rapidly changing conditions and crisis situations.

docum: Session Summary


May 12 2017


4:45 pm - 6:00 pm


Hofburg (Festsaal)