HLP VII: Catalysts for Innovation

The session will help identify key catalysts for innovation and explore how existing enabling frameworks
can be adapted or enhanced to promote and sustain innovative technologies, business models and
financing mechanisms for energy investments.

Catalytic enabling framework conditions are critical not only for spurring innovation but also for promoting
the important task of absorbing and adapting innovative technologies, business models, and financing

Effective policy and regulatory frameworks, inclusive business policies, and social innovation that
promote new forms of social organisation, capacity building programmes and support for business
development are all essential pieces of the required overall enabling framework.

Dedicated national and regional institutions and the development of regional markets with common
standards that can create economies of scale and local value chains, and help drive inefficient
technology and appliances out of the market.

Panellists will draw from their experiences on good practice examples of catalytic conditions for
innovation to find answers on how local, regional, and global frameworks could evolve to spur clean
energy development.

docum: “Taking a Broader View – A Brief Introduction to DNV GL”, Session Summary


May 12 2017


3:00 pm - 4:15 pm


Hofburg (Festsaal)