HLP II: The Energy, Food Security, Land, Water, and Health Nexus

The session will focus specifically on the role of energy in three SDGs that are critical to developing
countries in the fight against poverty – food security, water, and health. Panelists will examine the
synergies between and among this cluster of SDGs and the need to address them together in order to
enhance impact.

Participants will explore these linkages and ways in which implementation can strengthen the positive
enhancements and mitigate the trade-offs, and examine how new technologies and innovation systems
could help achieve greater progress in the decades to come.

Energy and food security intersect in a number of ways. The world produces enough food to feed
everyone. The problem is not one of food production but rather distribution. Access to sustainable
energy is essential not only for food production but also for providing access to food and good nutrition.

docum: OFID Presentation, Session Summary


May 11 2017


11:45 am - 1:00 pm


Hofburg Festsaal