Green Skills for the youth in the Sustainable Energy Sector

Companies in the decentralised renewable energy business in developing countries face barriers to hire staff with the necessary business and technical skills. For example, in the solar value chain, a growing number of skilled workers is needed. Challenges include availability of skilled manpower, quality of training, lack of platforms to advertise solar jobs, lack of training institutions and accreditation of training institutions. Youth are emerging as an important source of talent for achieving renewable energy targets. At the same time, one of the most pressing challenges for emerging economies is a shortage of jobs among the youth. Enhancing skills development and creating work opportunities for youth in the renewables sector is essential. This requires governments and industry to prioritize skill building for youth. Cooperation between companies and educational institutions must be strengthened to ensure that the youth develops marketable skills. This includes dual training programmes that grant young people access to on-the-job training and internships while simultaneously attending vocational school and programmes that combine demonstration projects, training and policy development. This event will discuss challenges faced by renewable energy companies and effective ways to improve the skills of the youth in the renewables area.



Jul 05 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm