Global Cleantech Innovation Index

This spotlight on GCII is an exclusive teaser that will present on the preliminary findings of the Global Cleantech Innovation Index (GCII).

The Global CleanTech Innovation Index (GCII) explores which countries currently have the greatest potential to produce entrepreneurial CleanTech start-ups that will commercialize clean technology innovations over the next 10 years, historically focusing on 40 countries. The WWF and Cleantech Group (CTG) is developing the 3rd edition of this index for 2017, and UNIDO has teamed up with WWF and CTG to produce a special addendum to the GCII focusing on cleantech innovation ecosystem of the eight countries participating in the GCIP.

UNIDO’s Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP) seeks to support the development of institutional capacities of local implementing partners, typically government agencies focused on start-ups/Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development, clean technology and innovation. GCIP, in collaboration with the WWF and the CTG, will develop a report that compiles the data of the GCIP countries, which will be a supplement to the new GCII 2017. These GCIP countries include: Malaysia, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand and Morocco.

This launch event will inform the discussions to be held at the High-level Plenaries during “Innovation Day” at the VEF, including sessions “The Pioneering Role of Innovative Technologies”, “Catalysts for Innovation”, and “Innovation for Appropriate and Sustainable Solutions”.

docum: GCII spotlight.pdf, GCII Spotlight Concept Note.pdf


May 11 2017


2:15 pm - 2:45 pm