Energy Efficiency “Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) Energy Efficiency Innovation Window”

The ETP’s Energy Efficiency Innovation Funding Window (“EE Innovation Window”) can provide a simplified, systematic pathway through which ETP can provide early-stage grant financing for innovative approaches to address systemic underinvestment in energy efficiency under-investment in Southeast Asia. This will allow for a consistent, rapid and non-duplicative assessment of the many small solicitations for EE funding that are received by ETP. If well-targeted and efficiently implemented, this EE Innovation Window can have material impact on some of the barriers to EE investment in the target countries mentioned above, and thereby significantly improve the uptake of energy efficiency in the regional marketplace.

The exhibition booth will present the “ETP Energy Efficiency Innovation Funding Window” which will premiere the concept and feature interviews from energy transition sector stakeholders and leading energy efficiency experts of policymakers and the leadership, international organizations, development partners, developers and investors, and civil society groups.


Jul 05 - 07 2021
Energy Transition Partnership (ETP)


Energy Transition Partnership (ETP)