Energy Access Redefined: Emerging Findings from the Global MTF (Multi-Tier Framework) Survey

The Global Energy Access Survey – currently underway in 15 high access deficit countries around the world – is the first survey to apply the new Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) Methodology for measuring energy access. This approach goes beyond traditional connections, capturing the full range of grid and off-grid solutions and measures the quality of energy access. This session will provide a sneak preview of what has been found so far, providing insights into how the results are already being used by governments in Kenya and Rwanda – the first two countries to have completed the survey.

docum: Murefu Barasa – “Multi-Tier Framework Survey Kenya: Preliminary Results for 14 Underserved Counties in Kenya”, Peace Kaliisa – “Rwanda: Energy Access Diagnostic Results Based on Multi-Tier Framework – Preliminary Results”, Presentation by Dana Rysankova


May 09 2017


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


Conference Room 5 (C Building, 7th floor), Vienna International Centre