Energizing health – SDG 7 for 3 and 13 (SEforall, ISA, UNICEF)

Energy, climate and health are inextricably linked. The lack of energy access results in fossil fuel usage, causing air pollution which affects both health and climate. Indoor air pollution from the use of traditional fuels for cooking causes millions of deaths annually. Similarly, the lack of access to electricity also impedes the provision of quality healthcare services and operations including storage of vaccines and medicines. It is thus increasingly evident that access to clean, sustainable and affordable energy (SDG7) is critical in advancing health(SDG3) and battling climate change (SDG13).

The proposed event will bring together three key strands of sustainable energy access that impact health and climate: healthcare electrification, clean cooking and cold storage for health. The panel will draw out the connections between these strands, showcase the latest innovation and progress, and discuss the financing gaps that we urgently need to bridge to accelerate change.


Nov 03 2023


2:00 pm - 2:55 pm