Electrification Accelerator

The electricity sector is facing a number of challenges such as efficiency losses along transmission and distribution networks due to aging infrastructure, the inefficient management of supply and demand sides – particularly in cities – and the presence of large, rural areas with low load densities. Additionally, while the electricity sector is still largely focused on centralized solutions, the increasing distribution of energy resources and the changing generation mix require the application of policies, technologies and the know-how to support a cost effective and efficient integration of renewable and off-grid solutions.

While electrification rates are increasing globally, there are still large access gaps, predominately in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific. To overcome these, the sector needs to be transformed by digitalization, decentralization and further electrification. During this session, UNIDO, ENEL and SEforALL will announce the launch of a new accelerator on electrification, which aims at accelerating the efficiency of electrification and improving access to energy in rural areas.


May 11 2017


11:15 am - 11:45 am


Hofburg (Rittersaal)