Industrial Decarbonization Workshop for Youth: Building a Sustainable Future

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop will explore the political and economic motivations that affect industrial decarbonization and create a clear call to action from youth, for politicians and industry leaders to create an enabling environment for industrial decarbonization.

Participants will examine a proposed policy package that reduces ambition for industrial decarbonization. During the workshop participants will assume the role of different stakeholders in a public consultation of this policy package, including manufacturers and buyers of industrial products, scientists, politicians from developed and developing nations, climate-action groups and the voice of youth. Considering the motivations, both economic and political, of the assumed roles you, our stakeholders, will develop a response to the policies and present this to the group. Other stakeholders will be invited to examine and scrutinize each statement.

Building on the key messages from the discussion with special consideration of the role of young professionals in this area and how they can contribute to change, we will formulate a call-to-action.


Oct 31 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm