Cool-IT-up! Accelerating sustainable cooling in the era of industry 4.0

In raising their ambition to mitigate climate change, countries need to adopt a holistic approach on sustainable energy technologies. The integration of efficient and climate friendly cooling solutions is a key measure for developed and developing countries alike. The nexus between access to sustainable energy and clean cooling is pertinent. In emerging markets such as Africa, access to clean cooling is highly important. It is critical for health and nutrition, and can reduce food waste, provide economic opportunities for farmers and businesses, and reduce the burden on vulnerable populations.

The IEA forecasts that without action to address energy efficiency, energy demand for cooling will more than triple by 2050 – consuming as much electricity as all of China and India today. Air conditioning is expected to increase significantly with rising incomes, but it is also likely that many who need cooling will not have access to it. Yet, cooling is often overlooked as an urgent development issue.

New business models for “off grid cooling solution” are in the rise, using innovative and digital solutions which also allow decentralize monitoring and decision making. Moreover, a number of countries and regions have championed the work on adopting policies and National Cooling Action Plans.

The objectives of this 60 minutes side event are to discuss the nexus between energy access and access to sustainable cooling, to showcase country and regional actions on progress and alignment between the NDCs and National Cooling Action Plans, and to explore innovation in digital technologies, business models and manufacturing of new sustainable cooling solutions that address the rising future demand in the on and off-grid area.

The event will explore a more harmonized approach within the context of Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9 and 13, the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol and further international commitments.



Jul 07 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm