Clean cooking (SEforAll, CCA)

Objectives of the workshop

  • Identify and understand: the significance of clean cooking in the context of climate change and energy sustainability, the existing barriers and challenges hindering the widespread adoption of clean cooking technologies; and the opportunities such as carbon finance.
  • Analyze: What are the reasons for these barriers, is there a broader connection to related problems? What is the role of young individuals in advocating for and implementing clean cooking solutions?
  • Provide solutions: The workshop will ultimately aim to utilize the breakout sessions to generate tangible recommendations for how youth can engage with and contribute to the growth of the clean cooking sector, by fostering collaboration and interaction between young participants and established energy sector leaders. Participants will work within 5 themed working groups to develop recommendations for key issues within the clean cooking space. Recommendations will be compiled and a key message or call to action developed at the end of the workshop.


Oct 31 2023


9:00 am - 10:30 am

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