Alternative solutions for a just energy transition: The case for low carbon hydrogen (IAEA)

Low-carbon hydrogen can complement hydrogen from renewable energy sources to offer a promising solution for energy systems transformation. Cost-effective, low carbon hydrogen can effectively contribute to the reduction of economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions, boosting energy security, and complementing the integration of clean energy sources in the global energy mix. Low-carbon hydrogen can provide a scalable and reliable baseload source of both electricity and heat to support the efficient production of hydrogen through different processes to meet increasing energy demand and complementing intermittent renewable energy sources, making it an effective solution for large-scale, global energy systems transformation. The event will also focus on the challenges to the deployment of such technologies and discuss solutions on how low-carbon hydrogen could advance industrialization and develop  domestic sustainable value chains in developing countries. 

Ms. Brianna Lazerwitz; Economics, Energy and Environment Analyst, IAEA
Ms. Mamiko Masutani, Chief; Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A)
Ms. Eudy Mabuza, Science Counsellor to the European Union, Department of Science and Innovation of South Africa
Ms. Alicia Eastman, President, InterContinental Energy


Nov 02 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Geheime Ratstube