About VEF 2017

The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 (VEF 2017) will bring together over 1600 participants, including heads of State, ministers, energy experts, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector.

VEF 2017

The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It will serve as a platform for discussing and highlighting the importance of the linkages between climate and development as well as the synergies among the SDGs, and the importance of joint and integrated approaches for a successful implementation. The Forum will explore the role of innovation in opening up new avenues for achieving SDG 7 “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all“ and related SDGs. The implementation of these goals and of the Paris Climate Agreement calls for an unprecedented global transformation process that extends far beyond the energy sector. Innovation is urgently needed to drive this transformative agenda.

Key questions to be addressed at the VEF 2017:

  • What is the role of energy in three SDGs that are critical to developing countries in the fight against poverty – food security, water, and health?
  • What are the main drivers of drivers of sustainable urbanization across key sectors such as water and infrastructure ?
  • What are the potential opportunities and challenges of innovative technologies in achieving the transformation required to implement the SDGs and the climate agenda.
  • What are the areas of greatest potential in energy efficiency, and what can be done to accelerate action and investment in energy efficiency, the ‘hidden fuel’ that has some of the most promising prospects to advance the goals of climate security and sustainable growth?
  • Which successful business models and the approaches can be used to unlock finance from available sources and to support sustainable energy investments and implementation?
  • How existing enabling frameworks can be adapted or enhanced to promote and sustain innovative technologies, business models and financing mechanisms for energy investments?
  • What is needed to make energy systems more resilient and adaptive to change, while ensuring that the transition towards clean energy remains affordable, particularly for low-income populations?