IVECF Visibility Toolkit

Welcome to the IVECF Visibility Toolkit – your gateway to enhancing your presence and impact within the International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum (IVECF) community. In this comprehensive toolkit, we offer a range of resources and guidance designed to help you make the most of your IVECF experience. Whether you’re a participant, speaker, exhibitor or an organization looking to maximize your presence, this toolkit is your one-stop destination to access templates, best practices and strategies that will amplify your visibility and engagement throughout the event. Explore the tools, tips and resources at your disposal to shine a brighter light on your IVECF journey. Let’s make your IVECF experience truly unforgettable!

Follow IVECF on social media: Stay updated with dedicated IVECF LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages featuring highlights, speaker interviews and important announcements.

IVECF Hashtags: Utilize the official IVECF hashtag  #IVECForum23 to share your experiences and join the online conversation.

Social Media Graphics and Customizable Templates: Download IVECF-themed social media graphics and utilize pre-designed templates to showcase your participation on your favorite social platforms and invite your peers, colleagues and friends to participate in IVECF. Find all materials on IVECF 2023 Trello board.

Networking Tips: Maximize IVECF’s networking opportunities via Brella app, connect, schedule meetings and make the most of your participation.

FAQs: Get answers to frequently asked questions about the event platform and how to enhance your experience.
Contact Information: Easily reach out to event organizers for customer support for any IVECF-related inquiries.